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          Hotline: 021-3635 5633


          The company will be consistent, adhering to the “ professional, efficient, excellence ” the spirit, we look forward to working with new and old customers at home and abroad continue to cooperate

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            Shanghai Daming Mach-Tech Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in stainless steel construction pieces,such as verity of round & square vibration separators, white water filters, 25M-50Mmineral thickeners, screw conveyers, 5.2M disc filters, inclinable double jacked cookers, etc. We are a OEM factory.
          The customers we has served including Sweco, Metso, Flsmidth etc., also local pharmacy machinery factory and other provinces.


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          Company Add:D Block 7F No.42 Lane 118 Yonghe Rd Shanghai China
          Tel: +86 21 3635 5633
          Fax:+86 21 3635 5677
          Mr. Ding   Mobile: +86 13901898731
          Mail: shpec@qq.com    business@shdaming.com
          Factory Add:No.2259 Chenfang Rd Chongming Shanghai China


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          Parts for pharmaceutical machinery Equipments parts SS & MS pipe pieces SS screw conveyors Inclinable double jacked cooker Other equipments body parts SS bus shelter Mailbox



          Contact Us

          Contact Us
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